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tv   Eyewitness News at 7am  CBS  November 2, 2014 7:00am-8:01am EST

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bitter, and blustery, chances are you are waking up with a few extra blankets on the bed this morning, our cameras got lots of people bunled up late saturday night. carol is here with more on our chilly weekend. and a candy warning in the suburbs, police in montgomery county are investigating after a family says their son found a razor blade in his halloween candy. and, today, president obama comes to philadelphia, he will be stumping for votes just two days before election day. it is sunday november 2nd, good morning to you thanks so much for joining us, i'm nicole brewer. it is 7:00 o'clock. the lets get a check of the forecast, again, and and hi carol. >> you know, it is that irritating wind, i think people will just make it so much colder and you'll find that all day long. these wind can get as high as
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40 miles an hour and we're already finding them around 30 plus miles an hour in a lot of locations. wind machine has been turn on but the the sun machinist also working and the sunnies getting up early, maybe in a bad mood to get up earlier then yesterday but look at this at 7c o'clock and sunnies already awake. looks great in center city philadelphia notice these clouds, i loved this pictures. look at how these clouds are moving across the area in kutztown this morning on our neighborhood weathernet work. temperature of 38 degrees there. wind northwest at eight. did you get up higher then that. they are moving faster then that. winds are gusting higher then the six to 8 miles an hour you see there. a nice start to the day but the finish of the day will look better. forty-two in philadelphia, 39 in wilmington. thirty-nine in millville now. we have a jump in the temperature there. forty-one in allentown. it feels colder every place. es feels like 33 degrees in philadelphia because of that wind, 30 in millville.
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as we take a look at our wind gusts they are up 32 miles an hour in philadelphia, 37 miles an hour wind gusts, through the wilmington area getting to about 50 degrees today, but it will feel more like the 30's and lower 40's all day long. there is a warm up on that eyewitness weather seven day forecast, we will find a couple days of that, i'll show thaw just ahead, nicole. >> thank you. mother calls police after her child find something dangerous inside of his halloween bag. now police in montgomery county warn parents to check their child's candy. "eyewitness news" reporter matt rivers have more on the dangerous discovery. >> reporter: morning after trick or treating, there is often some chocolate to start your day. dump out candy, pick out a piece, and then go for it, 13 year old brandon did that on saturday but when he opened up the mini crunch bars, there was check late and a raise are blade. >> i'm scared somebody would do that in our neighborhood. >> reporter: blade was laying on top of the check late inn
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identify what he still thinks was a sealed wrapper. brandon immediately told mom, jennifer. >> i didn't know what to do. what do you do when you find a razor blade in candy. >> reporter: she decided to call police who had not dealt with this either. >> this is a first for our township. you hear bit a lot but this is first we have ever experienced it. >> reporter: police took the razor blade as evidence. that is why we cannot see it. they did spread the word handing out flyers telling people to check their candy. jennifer told thaws brandon only said trick or treat on a few blocks close to her house. >> i'm thinking who would be that crazy, to take the time to reseal a piece of canned which razor blade in it. >> reporter: because is there limited amount of houses involved police say it will be that much easier to focus their investigation. they say they will go door to door asking questions. >> if we have to, we will. good parties it is a close community and everybody but one person in that community wants to us find out who it is. >> reporter: police say they will perform a forensic examination on the blade itself to see if any
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information, can be found that way. we're in lansdale, matt rivers, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". police arrest a long time mummer and his daughter in connection with an attack the man in queen village. detectives believe carmen and rita dea math owe are suspects seen here on surveillance video. suspects approached that video at second and carpenter last week even women hit the victim in the chest with the baseball bat, man then shot the victim in the leg as he tried to getaway. carmen was induct in the fancy brigades hall of fame back in 2006. well, police have not yet released identities of the two people struck and kill in the northeast. officials say that a car hit a woman and a man ran into traffic early saturday morning at borbeck avenue and boulevard in rhawnhurst. the vehicle did stop, and the unidentified man was pronounced dead at the scene. would the man died an hour later at the hospital. a woman is fighting for her life after being struck by two cars right outside temple university hospital. the first car that hit her
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stopped, the second car kept right ongoing. philadelphia police are looking to see if there is surveillance video that may have caught a glimpse of the fleeing vehicle. search is on for a knife wielding suspect who stabbed a man in frankford, police say it happened inside a sandwich shop at frankford and margaret early saturday morning. thirty-one year-old victim was stabbed four times in the face and head, and he is now in create cool can. investigators with the national transportation safety board are in california mohave desert looking in the crash of the space tourism company's passenger space shift. virgin galactic's founder met with employees yesterday. daniel nottingham has more. >> reporter: more than a dozen investigators from the national transportation safety board are in the mohave desert examining data and combing site where virgin galactic's spaceship two blew apart and crash. the accident killed a test pilot. >> wreckage is located in a large area oriented north east
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to southwest about 5 miles from end to end. >> reporter: spacecraft crashed friday afternoon during a test flight. thirty-nine year-old michael allsbury was kill his co pilot four three-year old peter sea bold was injured after parachuting to safety. ntsb says because the accident happened on a test flight it has more data than usual for its investigation. on saturday virgin galactic's billion air founder met with employees. >> we are determined to find out what went wrong. the safety has always been our number one priority. >> reporter: richard branson vows his program will cautiously move forward. >> it is a massive setback, it is horrendous for the families of the test pilot. but we've now got to pick ourselves up. >> reporter: friday's accident was second private spacecraft to blow up in a week. a rocket loaded with supplies for the international space station exploded moments have after lift off, on tuesday in
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virginia. >> in mohave, california, danielle nottingham for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". on the campaign trail, democratic candidate tom wolf, will rally with which president obama at temple university today, as race for pennsylvania's governor heads into its final days. "eyewitness news" at cheltenham mall yesterday where wolf posed with pictures and spoke to voters. it was one of several stops for wolf currently leading in the polls. republican incumbent governor tom corbett also campaigning today. corbett will stop by a rally in bucks count which new jersey governor chris christie. yesterday corbett spoke to workers in the scranton area both candidates urging the public to get out and vote on tuesday. happening right now, you might see a little more traffic then usual on the ben franklin bridge this morning. i'm talking about foot traffic though, from run the bridge 10k. "eyewitness news" reporter syma chowdhry is live at
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campbell's field where runners are getting ready for the run are, good morning. >> reporter: you're right, nicole. you'll see feet on the bridge, not necessarily tires, because it is the run the bridge event. it is one of the largest 10k's in the tri-state area runners are registering right now. opening ceremonies will start before the 8:00 o'clock hour. with me is executive director of the lark school susan weiner, she's here to explain what the lark school here is and how this benefit benefits it. >> well, good morning everybody. we are out here with about 5,000 people getting ready to run the bridge. it is a tremendous event. but more than the fun of the day is what it means to our school and to our families. the the amount of money that we raise today and have have raised over the years has been so instrumental in changing lives. that is what we do. >> reporter: explain where money goes exactly how is it used. >> absolutely, we use this money to buy a lot of computer
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equipment, a lot of one care for a child can be over $2,000 because of all of the adaptions that needs to be placed on it. you know, i have been working with these kids for so many years and i see the enormous difference that can be made in the lives of these kids when we have the right equipment. you know, when a a child can use a all the turntive communication device that allows that child to speak, it is, they have lots to say and some of the kids are just unable to do it. but with these kind of devices they are very costly. they have a lot to say and they have to tell us what they need, what they want, they are funny, i have had parents who come to us and for the first time they heard their youngsters say mom. it doesn't matter there was not augmented but you can only imagine first time that happens. it is changing lives. we appreciate everybody being out here and our great sponsors that have work with us for the full year making this happen, abe all of our
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volunteers. a great day. we're warming up, moving around. >> reporter: we're warming up indeed, thanks susan. lots of folks out here of requested for carol to turn down the the wind a little bit and i said i'll send a message. i don't know if she can do much but it is pretty cold and windy out here, nicole. now back to you. >> yes, turn down the wind and turn up the the sun, right, same a i will try to get the the in message to carol to see what she can do. all right, thank you. 7:10. fibrosis out at difficulties any world you can imagine how scary a scene this was in person, we will have more on the flames that broke out on a newly built attraction, wow. then it was a horrific crash that took a woman's life last summer, new survivor of the wreck gets to meet and thank the good samaritan that rescued her. what a weekend, it has been damp, dismal but we will be drying out soon, carol will have forecast when we come
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new this morning, emmers with from fire works at magic kingdom sparked a small fire in walt disney world. it happened around 10:30 near seven dwarfs mine train. fire fighters got the the flames under control and ride reopened an her later. fortunately, in injuries were reported. scary scene there. >> and happening today, the the 12th annual walk now to autism, opening ceremonies take place at 10:30 outside citizens bank park. more than 20,000 people are
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expected to attend, by the way this video you can see money raised during autism advocacy, researchers and services and make sure you say hello to "eyewitness news" anchor chris may and jessica dean. they will be volunteering at that walk. more than two months after she nearly lost her life a yeadon woman, and rescue her, and. and cheryl allison had just suffered a heart attack and her suv plunge upside down in cobbs creek. miraculously she survive, and, had had a party last night to celebrate her life and thank good samaritans who rescued her from her car, and then performed life saving cpr. as you can tell there were hugs and tears of joy all around. wow. that is an amazing story of survival, carol. >> wow. >> before we get to that forecast though we want to show you video here of several homes evacuated after
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downpours caused mud slides in southern will california. one man was trapped inside a house for very short time and later found safe. forecasters say this storm is normal for november, start to california's wet season. and hey take a look at this, snow, actually falling in part of the south this video fridays north carolina and we're told georgia and south carolina are reporting their first flakes of the season. more snow is expect in the mountainous region and no snow here but definitely feeling the chill, thank goodness there is no snow, carol. i'm not ready for it. >> just the sight of that is just enough to make me have to get an oxygen mask and sit down. >> we've got some sunshine this morning. fortunately as sun returns after a day of heighting and we were left with all that rain yesterday, over an inch of rain, things are brightening up beautifully this morning. not just in philadelphia, atlantic city area and poconos
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and everybody else. look at how pretty this looks, and we will be keeping these in effect, any of these other clouds will push them out of the way as well. they are moving fast, look at out in kutztown we keep showing you pictures but it is just so amazing how fast these clouds are moving and we have seen like somebody is pulling along a curtain or something, or a backdrop but these clouds just moving on out of there. temperatures of 38 degrees. it is cool out here this morning. wind of 11 miles an hour but that is sustained wind, and, and win gusts with us all day licensing with wind gusting as high as 40 miles an hour and we are finding them over 309 miles an hour mark. forty-two is the temperature in philadelphia a. we have 41 in trenton and allentown. forty-two reading. thirty-nine in millville. forty-three in wildwood. factor in the wind and it feels closer to the freezing mark just about in philadelphia a. 30 degrees in millville is how it feels. it feels like 17 up in the
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poconos. this is a very cold morning. it will be a cold day, in fact, these temperatures that fell like they are in the 30's now that is the trend for the day. they may feel as warm as the lower 40's. that would be the height of how they would be if you were outside. so bundle up, make sure your pets are kept as warm as you are as we await a whole change in the season today. our storm scan three, notice clouds would like to stand out, that is the trend and the showers that we're going on through maryland and pushing to the out, this is rain that we got yesterday that big low pressure system is starting to spin way and these clouds also start to leave. look at the the wind that are left behind, north west 20 miles an hour wind right now in philadelphia that is sustain. just constant 20 miles an hour, but they guess up to 32 miles an hour through philadelphia temperatures will be getting to 50 degrees. you won't note is 50 degrees, however it will feel like 30's and a lower 40's. we are well in the low 50's. tuesday we're in the 60's and
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skies will be clearing out, looking pretty this afternoon, it looks nice here on monday and tuesday, looks terrific as well with the temperatures warping up but then by wednesday, we will be dealing with some rain showers. by thursday we could be dealing with rain showers. wind gusting to 30 miles an hour as we go through the day-to-day. tonight they will down down a little bit and tomorrow they should not be as bad but sunset times we're losing two and a half minutes of daylight every single will day and we will change those clocks. fifty philadelphia, shore, 52. the poconos, 42 degrees. we are looking at some very chilly conditions. fifty for the highs, 32 overnight, and even colder in the outlying area before that warm up, mid week, showers on thursday and cooler after that, nicole. >> it is 7:18. let see how traffic is moving along here's ann evans in the traffic center, hi, ann. >> this is ben franklin bridge moving for now but closing very shortly at 7:30, less
7:19 am
than 15 minutes for now, closed for run the bridge event, and of course we will want to take walt whitman instead now. right now the bridge is still opened but 676 northbound between morgan boulevard and atlantic avenue leading to the bridge is very jammed in preparations for ben franklin bridge closing. another closure today, is ben franklin parkway ben franklin parkway shut down in both directions for art museum circle and spring garden street for race for hope and that benefits national brain tumor society, that is a big race there race starts at 8:30. already at ben franklin parkway shut down with martin luther king drive between ben franklin parkway and montgomery drive and kelly drive between art museum circle and route one. we will move traffic cam within more time to the vine street expressway in center city humming along just fine with no problems or delays. that is latest from the cbs-3 traffic center, i'm ann evans new nicole back to you. well, no one hit friday night's mega millions drawing
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and that is making for a giant jackpot this tuesday. here were friday's winning numbers for you, 11, 29, 36, 58, and 67. the mega ball, 156789 now the next drawing is tuesday night with the jackpot worth 321 million-dollar. by the way, that is a cash pay out of 194 million. not too shabby for sure. 7:20. carol answers your pet questions in this weeks ask the vet. >> we are talking hearts, stethoscopes and your pets this morning on ask the vet with doctor lockland.
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lockland a cardiologist from penn vet with her own personal talk rudy and she's here's to talk about heart problems. how common that dogs and cats have a heart problem. it is common in our older pets. >> older is what age of. >> i would say for most dogs probably six ape above. >> and how do you even know, that your dog or cat has had a heart problem. >> just take them to their regular vet for a checkup. they will listen with the stethoscope and they might hear a murmur. >> does that mean anything because mike green, on our staff here at cb. three, probably half of the dogs he has ever had has had heart murmurs a lot have of dogs have murmurs but some will develop fluid in the lungs and they can have a heart time breathing how do you know if your dog has
7:24 am
progressed from a heart murmur to congestive heart failure. >> it tend to be that they breathe rapidly and might cough a lot. >> awake or asleep. >> asleep especially at rest. >> there is a way to test that somebody can test in how do you test your own dog for problems, main congestive heart problem. >> it is called a resting respiratory rate. we watch them when they are asleep. so laying on the bed or the couch, we watch their chest rise and fall and see how many times that happens in a minute. it should be less than 40. >> so, if it is, more than 40, or 40 and above, or 40 and above. >> then next thing i would take them to their local vet. >> yes. >> so cute. >> yes good would i take them tour local vet to get a listen and a x-ray of your chest and they will decide if the cardiologist would be useful. >> is it medications, or now i have got surgery. >> it tend not to be surgery but just medications and medications that are given twice a day for the duration of their life but they are relatively inexpensive and can
7:25 am
make them feel great at home. >> what if the heart rate is way less than 40, is there too slow a heartbeat that is a problem. >> heartbeat is different but slow breathing is a great thing. slow breathing at rest is fantastic. slow heart rate means they have to get a pacemaker just like people get. >> when they are resting and watching again summarize what people would watch for. >> we will watch their chest rise and fall, and every inhaler exhale raise and fall is one breath. we want them to breathe, i counties for ten seconds, less than ten times in 152nd which would be less than 40 per minute. >> you can even maybe feel a heart murmur without a stethoscope. >> it is pretty rare but dogs who have loud heart murmurs if i put my hand in their left armpit you can feel a little vibration not heartbeat but murmur. >> and murmur does not necessarily mean you have a problem, down the line but it is something to get check out. >> it is something we want to machine for because it can be serious. >> but there are medications that they can take.
7:26 am
>> absolutely. >> they can be good as new. we want to keep them in the family forever. >> absolutely. >> doctor lockland you are just terrific and your little boy is terrific. and, thanks for watching, and we will see you next time on ask the vet. i want to you take a look the a the screen at this beautiful stolen puppy named fatz. thinks a white and black little pit bull mix with a black on his left ear, black strip in the center of his forehead. he was stolen from a car in roxborough a week ago saturday night as they were leaving after a visit. please help fine this stolen sweet, very lost little guy and send any info you have to carol erickson's pet page or facebook or twitter, carol at cbs-3. carol, thank you. 7:26. we are hearing from local k-9 units who helped in the search for fugitive eric frein. we will have their story in the next half an hour. also ahead a happy reunion for
7:27 am
dallas nurse who recovered from ebola and for her dog. then a united states marine is back home this morning after spending months behind bars in a mexican jail, we will tell you what led to this. and carol has your forecast on this chilly sunday, we may be in for a mid week warm up but we have to wait, we will have that next. sometimes, caring for your neighbors means going the extra mile. when our patient, susan, mentioned her dad couldn't make it in to pearle vision to get his eyes checked... we went to him. and we realized, if he had trouble getting new glasses... he probably wasn't the only one. to us, eye care is about living dr. pearles legacy. building a trusting relationship with the person behind the eyes. this is genuine eye care, right in your neighborhood. this is pearle vision. here in york, pennsylvania we've built the largest distributor of kitchen cabinets in the nation.
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today, it is sunday, november 2nd, good morning to you, thanks so much for joining us i'm nicole brewer 7:30. lets check that forecast. good day to bundle up or stay inside and stay cozy. >> those are your two choices. >> stay inside, bundle up, it will stay right through the window. and it won't be raining. lets look outside why don't we, opened up the blind but, much brighter look. normally the sun would be coming up but, we have seen an hours worth of daylight already. the skies are starting to clear, it is lovely in ocean city as well, and the skies will brighten there and wind of 45 miles an hour, completely expect at the shore and just about that level every place else.
7:31 am
i keep showing you this, because, it is like a assembly line of clouds and they keep going on by and you can see wind are strong enough to push them along. 38 degrees in kutztown this morning. we will be brightening up in that location as will well. storm scan three showing we are starting to thin those clouds out and rain from yesterday, way off to the northeast moving through new england and little batch of it moving well to the south but we are left in the dry sandwich middle, 42 degrees in suburbs. forty-one in trenton. thirty-nine in wilmington. don't let those temperatures fool you because it feels more like the freezing mark in a lot of locations because of the win, it feels like 17 degrees in the poconos right now and why not just 20 miles an hour wind coming from the northwest, through philadelphia, gusting to 30 miles an hour already. our temperatures this afternoon getting to 50 degrees, but that too is not a real 50 degrees because with the win it will feel more like upper 30's and lower 40's all day but skies will be
7:32 am
brightening up, maybe that will warm up your soul. we will take a look at temperatures that will warm up your exterior too on the eyewitness weather seven day forecast as well, nicole. >> well, local k-9 officers who participating in the manhunt for eric frein are back home and sharing their experiences. green was captured at an abandoned airport hanger on thursday after spending 48 days on the run. prosecutors have charge him with first degree murder in the september 12th ambush in which corporal brian dickson was shot and killed and trooper alex douglass was wounded. officers say frein's capture was a team effort. >> when there were sight goes we brought the dog out to go for the last possible spot that he was seen, send a dog on a track ande if he pick up on anything. >> always in the back of your mine that he could pick you up from anywhere. >> the officers were part of
7:33 am
the that iron dog challenge. event races money to support reply mutt town hip police officers bradley fox, killed in the line of duty in 2012. >> u.s. marine who for the in afghanistan is back home in florida have after spending seven months in a mexican prison. cbs news correspondent wendy gilette shows us the role the post traumatic stress disorder place in the judge's decision. >> reporter: private plane touched down in miami early sat take bringing home marine sergeant andrew thomasrisi. he gave a brief wave and smile during an suv. he was freed friday night, from a mexican jail where he spent the past eight months.
7:34 am
now police are working to determine whether five victims of the deadly house fire are students at the nearby university of southern maine. one person was critically injured in that blaze after jumping from the second floor window. seven others escaped. flames erupted saturday morning that house was hosting a halloween party. investigators are searching for a cause.
7:35 am
search continues for los angeles area driver to crashed into and killed three teenage girls trick or treating. girls were in a crosswalk near elementary school, on santa ana when they struck them. and ran away. police say two of the girls were twin sisters, the other victim was their friend. medical experts say, we should expect more ebola cases in the u.s. before the end of the year. meantime, u.s. doctor craig spencer can be upgraded from serious to stable condition. he has been in quarantine at bellevue hospital for last nine days. he had been working with doctors without border in ginea. also nurse nina pham reunite with bentley this morning. she was discharge after successful treatment for ebola last month. officials quarantine her dog for 21 days but mr. bentley tested negative.
7:36 am
it is 7:35 right now and happening right now, ben franklin bridge will close in a few minutes for 10k run across the bridge. "eyewitness news" reporter syma chowdhry is live where opening ceremonies are about to get underway, same, good morning, all bundled up, right? >> reporter: that is right, nicole i'm all bundled up, so are the runners. it is chilly out there this morning. but folks are so excited to be out there and participate in run the bridge, it is a 10k and a walk and with me is a walker and runner, introduce yourself, elizabeth. >> rhonda connection letter. >> you are a parent of the student in the lark school and you are also walking this morning, right. >> correct, my daughter has been a student at the lark for seven years and this year we have a team of 34 people walking or running for her. it is a great event. i'm honored to be here. >> reporter: how to you like weather, lot of people think it is too windy. >> it is in the raining. we will take the win, so instead of the rain. >> reporter: and you know
7:37 am
you're running in this event. how many times have you participated in this event. >> i would say it has been ten years in cooper, they have been a sponsor for many, many years. i want to give a shout out to the coupe are volunteer team every year they get up, bright and relevant i, they are on the bridge, and we have at least 40 trooper volunteers. i want to thank them for that. >> any confusion with the daylight savings. >> last year, two years ago i was here at 5:00 a.m. it was dark. i was wondering why i was by myself this year i got it all right. >> why do you participate, you know, you are a parent of the student at the lark school and it benefits school for children with disabilities. but what is the purpose of benefiting. is what the benefit of participating. >> well, cooper has supported lark school for years, a wonderful organization, we are so proud to be sponsors of the school and if you ever visit the school you will see wonderful work that they do
7:38 am
with the students. >> all right, thanks very much, ladies, now ben franklin bridge will be closed from 7:45 to 9:30, race itself, starts at 8:30 it starts at the base of the ben franklin bridge on the new jersey side. in camden i'm syma chowdhry for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". 7:38 right now. halloween treat for fans of the harry potter series, still ahead jk row lines releases new story about one of her characters on line and we are hearing it is based on a real life person. that should be interesting. as uk continues to commemorate 100th anniversary of world war one we will look at how dogs help solder on the trent line we will have that story when we return.
7:39 am
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ryan costello went into politics. in 2001, doctor manan trivedi joined the marines. trivedi served as a battlefield surgeon in iraq. costello served himself by voting to raise his own pay. and while trivedi cared for patients in pennsylvania, costello gave millions in government contracts
7:41 am
to his campaign contributors -even as he cut funding for child abuse prevention. in congress, only trivedi will do what's right for you. i'm manan trivedi, and i approve this message. >> now tail behind a sinister character that marry maloney reports is inspired by a real person. >> deep down, you deserve to be punished. don't you, mr. potter. >> reporter: delores umbridge is back. jk rawlins treats her fans to a 1700 word back story for halloween, teasing her fans about the new release before finally become active on the site giving away even more she included her take on the
7:42 am
characters saying delores is one of the characters for whom i feel the most pure dislike. >> you wouldn't need any ink. >> infamous for this scene. fans are given the opportunity to read more about the tode like villain and they are as passionate as ever. >> it is actually, one of the moments i'm very proud of in the movie... unaudible. >> i like delores. >> it is always good to see another perspective, coming from jk rawlins, all of these amazing characters. >> new words for halloween because it is much bigger in the united states, then it is over here so it is cool that she's commemorating that. she's coming up with new movies and everything. pretty exciting day for harry potter fans. >> reporter: the author writes on pottermore that delores
7:43 am
umbridge was inspired by a real person. rawlins says she came into contact with the teacher or instructor who i dislike intensely on site. this latestes a say giving fans more insight in the mind of the author and keeping mystery of the magical world of harry potter alive. mary maloney platform nine and three-quarters. >> dislike intently on sight, that is really something, wow. >> 7:43 now. tens of thousands of people flock to the tower on have lon on to catch a glimpse of this. >> it is part of the installation marking the start of the first world war. american 100,000, each one representing a british casualty in the war. and a speaking of world war one, more than 50,000 dogs were trained for use on the western front, according to newly discover record showing many of those doors were trained in the uk. they shared horrific conditions, endured by their human counterparts working
7:44 am
from mascots to messengers and even medical support. in london the british army towards to battersee dogs home. they are marking 100 years of services by their dog with plenty of celebrities attending. >> animals, dogs, pigeons, are all very much overlooked and i think the people often don't think of animals lives as human lives and there are a huge difference but still, what they gain is significant and it should be remembered. >> batters by hopes to raise money to build new kennels and surgery enter. charity estimates it has rescued abe rehold more than 3 million dogs in the 150 year history. i love that story. we should all be dog ambassadors and cat ambassadors. neighborhood weather watchers, are weighing in the cbs-3 weather watchers weighing in
7:45 am
and we've got somebody who wanted us to know, john sandman he is in vincentown, 41 degrees out there but he is not letting that fool him because they are getting a little will bit of win but as he moves his win gauge to another location, he will find a wind higher then that a little afternoon. lets take a look at ocean city, as we half move over to ocean city, notice that the skies are not particularly blight at this point but they will be getting brighter and brighter as we go through the rest of the day. so nice looking day to get out on the boardwalk and you'll have lieutenant of space, all to yourself because the people are saying, um, pretty windy out there but it is beautiful and it looks better than it did yesterday with all that rain over an inch of rain through ocean city. we are looking at conditions, that will be improving today, and the skies are starting to clear out, and we're watching precipitation, that was over in maryland, pressing farther to the south and our rain from yesterday, will go farther to the north were left alone
7:46 am
except for the wind as we hive pressure building in and different between high and low, that wind machine. we keep trying to keep the wind off and switch is broken through at least tomorrow. we have 42 degrees in fill. forty-one in trenton. thirty-nine in wilmington and millville. these temperatures are feeling colder because of these wind coming out of the northwest at 20 miles an hour sustain winds through philadelphia, 16 miles an hour sustain winds in millville and when you tart to factor in the wind gusts there they are 30 plus miles an hour over most of the area. temperatures today will just barely get to 50 degrees, it will not feel anywhere near 50 today with that win it will feel more like upper 30's or lower 40's all day long. tomorrow is that low getting farther away we will watch for some conditions to improve around here, and then temperatures, come up, and the wind die down and feel great in the upper 50's tomorrow, and then by tuesday we will find temperatures in the
7:47 am
middle 60's and wednesday in the up are 60es a and then thursday we will watch a front another area have low pressure off the coast, bringing in some showers in the area. so we will continue to machine for that. for today though skies do clear out of here, later on as we move through the day. tomorrow by 5:00 p.m., a couple of clouds perhaps, tuesday, looks really nice, and mild, wednesday, doesn't look bad at all but then we will start to pick up the chance of showers on thursday. our winds today gusting. we have seen them over 30 miles an hour. even late tonight, winds up strong and they will start to die down and tomorrow morning our wind gusts, are 14 miles an hour. how comfortable that would be with temperatures at freezing mark or below but today do not let these numbers follow you, they will feel, far colder in all locations, today because of very strong wind, that even at the shore could be gusting to 40 miles an hour, and we will be seeing that in the philadelphia area. cold day, cold night, bundle
7:48 am
up, keep those pets as nice and warm as you are going to be tonight and then tomorrow we have got a better day, sunshine, 58, 65 on tuesday, wednesday, 68 degrees, and then thursday, 62, maybe these rain showers and cooler again after that. if you love watching weather just like john sandman as i showed you he is in our eyewitness weather watchers group, and you could be featured in our newscast by becoming an eyewitness weather watcher too. sinus up new at cbs >> thanks, carol. 7:48. lets check on the roads and highways with ann evans in the cbs-3 traffic center, how sit looking. >> not too bad bridge is very quiet, nicole, this is ben franklin bridge. no one is on it because run the bridge event is about to take place and it will be closed from new until 9:30 this morning. so from right now if you are heading out the door and want to take ben franklin bridge you can, but take walt whitman instead. bridge will be closed for
7:49 am
approximately 9:30 this morning. we will move the traffic cam here, to the vine street expressway, look at this long line of cars, it is jammed westbound between broad street and ben franklin parkway, folks are waiting to exit, heavy off ramp traffic the to the parkway for race for hope and race for hope is being held right here at the ben franklin parkway as you can sianni it is getting very busy here at the parkway, ben franklin parkway is shut down between art museum circle and spring yard even street and kelly drive, between art museum circle and route one and martin luther king drive between ben franklin parkway and kelly drive scheduled from now until noon this afternoon. and that is latest from the cbs-3 traffic center i'm ann evans now nicole back to you. thanks very much. when dare devil nick wallenda takes to the high wire he will have have the best view of chicago but he won't be able to see it. we will tell but his latest stunt. also eagles head to houston to take on the texans we will preview the match up just ahead in sports.
7:50 am
but first here's is what coming up tonight.
7:51 am
7:52 am
sixers made their home debut against lebronless miami heat. they are off to zero and two start and friday in milwaukee they went eight minutes without scoring. could they rebound last night.
7:53 am
taney's mo'ne davis on hand for the opener. sixers much like friday they hung in there. second round pick kj mcdaniels shows off prom that is had people very excited about him. great athletism and drive and throw down right there. he had eight. chris born was the story for the heat, two of his 30 right here, not great defense either, as he drives in and scores right there. he had 30. sixers out scored 27-13. miami wins 114-96. sixers first zero and three start since the 2011 season. steve mason got his first start since october 21st. he is in search for his first win. pick it up in the first period, in score, that is willie mitchell beating at information mentioned mason right there. he played well. panthers take a one to nothing lead at that point. we will move to the third, 4:22 left. still one to nothing. that is an 18 year-old defenseman aaron scoring his first career goal. vinny lacavalier would add a
7:54 am
late one robert lou on go, 36 saves. flyers lose two-one. ate period temple was he heading for their third consecutive loss as they welcome east caroline, pirates winners of five in a row to a wet and raw lincoln financial field but in the so fast, my swashbuckling friend. ecu clearly affect by the conditions, all day, first quarter, in score when temple 's young scoops this up and he takes it, 63-yard to the house. one of five fumbles for east carolina on the afternoon, seven to nothing owls. following another pirates fumble in the first, watch the opinion move and he gets in right there kenny harper, 14 nothing to the their. four-three owls. it is harper again capping 12 play, 76-yard drive. owls beat their first ranked opponent since 1998, their first ever upset of a rang team at home in school history. final 20-ten. penn state hosting maryland, maryland refusing to
7:55 am
shake nittany lion's hand prior to kick off, fire works as well, ugly day but in the third, that is hackenberg to jesse james, 16-seven lions at that point. maryland mounted a come back down 16-ten, wesley brown from 1 yard out. they take 17-16 lead. this game came down to 512th left, penn state up 19-17. brad, buried a 43 yarder. hackenberg sack six times. maryland beats penn state 20 to 19. chip kelly pointed out earlier in the week the only thing that matters when it comes to his quarterback is his five and two railroaded but there is no denying nick foles has been in where near where he was last season, just four turnovers and ten regular season games in 2013. third year qb has 12 through seven games this year. despite his struggles his teammates have his back. >> he is leading us in the right direction. he is leading us where we need to be. obviously throughout the
7:56 am
course of the year there are decisions he may want back but there are plays i wish i would have made. but, he is leading us where we need to be. >> we will get you ready for eagles, texans at 11:30. join us for toyota sunday kick off, beasley and leslie will get set for the game including one on one with cbs-3 contributor shady mccoy at 1:30 on cbs-3. i'm rob ellis have a great day, everybody. >> okay, so dare devil nick wallenda's latest stunt is taking him to the windy city, he is set for a high wire journey over streets of chicago tonight. some 50 stories aboveground wallenda will first walk uphill at 15-degree and from one building to era cross the river, yeah, then he will walk blindfolded own a separate cable between two towers. that walk will be broadcast live, on the discovery channel; but i don't know about you, i just can't bear to watch it. the the whole time i'm just so
7:57 am
nervous i'm on edge. wow, he is crazy. that is it for "eyewitness news" at 7:00 stay with us because up next at 8:00 we will go back out live to the ben franklin bridge where thousands of runners are about to head out, don't forget, ben franklin bridge is closed and also, we're falling back.
7:58 am
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it is sunday november 2nd, i'm nicole brewer, thanks for joining us. it is 8:00 o'clock. it is cold, dreary weekend, and will continue until today. >> syma was demanding on twitter that i turn the wind off. >> i know, can to you that. >> i tried but i broke the switch in the process. so the wind, continue i'm afraid and we will keep them with us today, and good portion of tonight, as well and it will be more winnie tonight then it was yesterday. chilly day but brighter day, we don't have have all that rai d